Supplier optimizes part cleaning to match changed requirements

Combining the right cleaning system and tank type is key to success

当处理1个左右的投资组合时,要可靠地满足日益增长的技术表面清洁度要求并非易事. 为了迎接这一挑战, 精密零件供应商Allweier不仅投资了两套新的定制清洗系统,而且还购买了一套多功能清洗槽,以满足清洗过程的需求. 多亏了这种结合, 机加工承包商以前瞻性和更具成本效益的方式满足所有清洁度规范.

在传动工程领域, Allweier Systeme GmbH has been a major player for close to 10 years. Allweier Präzisionsteile GmbH成立于四十多年前,是机械加工解决方案的供应商和系统/开发合作伙伴. The core competencies of this family-owned enterprise headquartered at Überlingen/Germany, 在康斯坦斯湖畔, 数控车削, milling and grinding services as well as in module and component assembly. 公司拥有大量先进的铝制零件(包括铸件)加工设备, 铸铁, 铸钢, 钛, 特殊材料. 其投资组合目前约有1亿美元,000 different items for diverse applications in mechanical engineering, 工厂建设, 汽车制造, 输送机技术与机器人技术, 船舶和近海系统, 光学和医疗设备, 铁路及其他界别. In all, Allweier processes around 20 million parts each year.

„Cleaning the machined parts poses quite a challenge, 一方面,一方面, because of the sheer diversity of materials, 零件几何形状和尺寸. 另一方面, 在过去几年中,对表面技术清洁度的要求显着增长. Requirements such as 'zero particles larger than 600 µm' are common today, and steel parts need to be perfectly protected against corrosion as well“, 托马斯·施密特解释道, Technology Planner for Rotary Machining Processes at Allweier Präzisionsteile GmbH. 为了达到规定的清洁水平与应有的过程可靠性,同时提高清洁步骤的效率在制造链, 公司投资了两套Ecoclean公司生产的通用81W清洗系统,以及一套由Metallform Wächter公司设计和制造的定制清洗罐.

Tailor-made equipment for superior efficiency

„We talked to four equipment manufacturers and conducted cleaning trials. Ecoclean不仅为我们提供了极好的建议,而且还提供了最适合我们任务的设备解决方案。”, 托马斯·施密特报道。. The Universal 81W has a vacuum-tight working chamber in which its cleaning, 进行冲洗和干燥操作. 订购的两种系统都设计为670 x 480 x 300毫米(长×长×高)的篮子尺寸,最大装药重量为150公斤. 以确保可靠地去除粘附颗粒和切屑以及加工液残留物, 工作室配备了高性能的喷射洗功能和超声波清洗系统,额定功率为每升浴容积10瓦. The parts are dried by combined hot-air and vacuum treatment. “我们也有一些零件在离开旧的连续清洁线后仍然潮湿. Thanks to vacuum drying, these products now come out 100% dry as well“, Thomas Schmidt adds.

新清洁系统的定制配置解决了对铝和钢部件清洁的不同要求. Thus, the system for steel parts and steel castings has four flood tanks. This makes it possible to adapt the fluid used in the cleaning step to the given part (i.e.(钢或铸件). The third and fourth flood tanks hold the rinsing and preservation fluids, respectively. The Universal 81W on the aluminium cleaning line is equipped with three flood tanks. It comprises an additional treatment system for the demineralized rinsing water. The quality of this water is monitored continuously. 铝制零件, 用去矿化水冲洗并确保快速完全干燥是非常重要的. This ensures that the parts will remain free of stains and discolorations“, 技术规划师解释道.

Around 80 per cent of all parts are cleaned in defined position. 零件由自动送料系统提供,该系统包括入口和出口的缓冲部分. Appropriate cleaning programs are stored in the system controllers. 每个负载的零件特定程序由使用传感器的篮子识别系统选择, 或者由操作员手动操作. 清洗过程后,零件通过冷却区,从那里出来,准备立即包装.

来自所有储罐的流体在供应和回流管道中都要经过全流过滤. While the cleaning fluids are run through bag filters, cartridge filters are used for the rinsing and anti-corrosion fluids. This system yields a highly effective removal of particulate contaminants. Film-type contaminants such as emulsions are removed first by the oil separator and then, 额外清洁, 通过水产养殖系统. 后者蒸发液体从水箱和返回冷凝液体到工艺回路,同时收集污垢残留在水产养殖水箱. 这种流体处理方法增加了浴槽寿命,同时也减少了因浴槽更换而导致的设备停机时间.

Versatile tanks, purpose-designed for the cleaning process

In order to realize the full potential of their new systems, Allweier invested in a set of new cleaning tanks at the same time. 这些允许所有部件以各种方式排列在内部,以获得最大的清洁和干燥性能. 该公司向四家候选供应商提出的要求是,储罐中的所有部件都必须得到尽可能有效的保护, apart from being arranged and secured so as to withstand rotation. After all, the baskets are swung and turned through up to 360 degrees in the cleaning cycle. 此外, 每个容器需要容纳最大数量的部件,而不限制流体或超声波进入产品,因此, 影响系统的清洁作用. Ease of handling was likewise high on the priority list. „In the first phase we were looking at tanks for ten different parts. With that objective in mind, all companies received the same documentation from us. Metallform stood out among the other vendors as early as in this bidding phase. 例如, they supplied 3D design drawings of the tanks with product arranged inside, so I was able to imagine at once how the part would be placed and fixed in the basket. Their consulting service, too, was and continues to be excellent. All this is backed by plenty of competence and in-depth analysis", Thomas Schmidt explains his company's decision in favour of Metallform Wächter GmbH.

除了一系列的刚性, part-specific product carriers for fast-selling parts, a variety of different semi-flexible and fully flexible solutions were implemented. 这些设计是为了同时用于不同的组件或组件系列,并且在生产继续进行时,操作员可以快速轻松地适应另一个部件. “通过提供灵活的技术,Metallform在减少必要的零件载体数量方面为我们提供了最佳支持. 我们从中受益的不仅是节省了投资成本,还减少了车间的空间需求。”, 技术规划师解释道. 例如, 该系列包括用于直径在240至320毫米之间,长度在20至100毫米之间的铝环形外壳的零件载体. 可重新定位的棱柱式支架插入到基本载体中,允许不同的部件被可靠地容纳和固定. 同时, 零件夹具可布置成仅在非临界点处与零件接触. For disc-shaped parts of diverse diameters, Metallform developed a fully variable system. 它由两个不同的插入组成,其中一个定义架子行数,另一个定义它们的深度. It is thus possible to create a part-holding structure in no time, 无论是在MEFO盒子里还是在基本的架子上. Locking is by means of spring-loaded snap engagement bolts.

所有的零件托架和清洗篮都是由圆形不锈钢丝与电抛光表面完成. The round wire makes for good all-round fluid and ultrasound access to the parts. 此外,在最大限度地减少污垢和流体携带的同时,确保了最佳的排水性能. 此外, the round wire provides a reduced contact surface area. Local sheathing in clip-on Teflon tube sections for additional part protection is an option.

Superior quality and higher cost-efficiency

This combination of new cleaning systems and tanks enables Allweier to not only reach, but in fact outperform technical cleanliness standards for all parts in a reliable manner. “我们定期进行实验室分析, and these have shown that we are achieving a much better cleaning result. Unlike our previous continuous cleaning line the system requires no compressed air for drying. 此外, 现在的清洁过程非常有效,三班制的零件可以在大约两班的时间内清洗干净. 所以不用说,我们的工作效率也提高了。.

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